Mags Treanor

Hi, I’m Mags, founder of Forum Next. With my years of experience in executive leadership & development and a background in psychology and coaching, I‘m super excited to be part of your next journey!


This isn't just a time to slow down; it's an opportunity to live fully, to redefine your purpose and chase new dreams with the wisdom of experience and the highs and lows of professional and personal growth under your belt. My own journey has been nothing short of an adventure. And it's this adventure I bring to you.


Why work with me? Because I've lived the transitions, the transformations, and the triumphant moments of discovery. I've coached a diverse range of people from all walks of life, from those struggling to find their feet to innovators shaping the future. My approach is not just about reflection; it's about action. It's about igniting that spark within you to explore, to learn, and to grow

Industry expert

Are you ready to step into the arena of your greatest years? To embrace each day with vigor and unshakable purpose? Let’s not just dream about an epic future—let’s create it. Now is your time, and together, we'll make every moment count