Leading remote teams

Leading Remote Teams Online Workshop


By: Mags Treanor

Leading remote teams


Leading Remote Teams 


Tuesday 19th January 2021, 15:00 (CET)


LIVE online interactive workshop

with Mags Treanor, Executive Coach.

 Remote Teams – Advantages and Challenges
 Communication – the Power of Over-communicating
 Establishing Ownership and Accountability for Remote Team Members
 Trust and Boundaries in Remote Teams
 Distance – Physical, Operational and Affinity
 The 5 Must Have Tools for Remote Team leading
Price includes a one-hour workshop plus 30 minutes Q&A with me, Mags Treanor and a free guide (worksheet and resources) to make the best of your working from home time.
Once you make the payment for this workshop, you will receive a Zoom link to access the meeting.


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