“I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think.” (Socrates)

Originally from Ireland, I have been living and working across Europe for the past 25 years. Inspired by my work with people from every walk of life, I truly believe that all learning comes from within and see my role as being that of a catalyst, enabling you to identify your own personal strengths and finding how to use them to their best abilities.

I am convinced that my greatest strength as a Coach is my passion for people, and the many years of listening, asking, thinking and observing.

Qualifications help too, so here are some of them:

Kommunikations Psychologe  (Communication Psychologist)

Advanced Diploma in Executive Coaching

M.A. Creative Writing & New Media

Qualified Psychometric Tester: DISC & 360


25 years of working with individuals has taken me on an astounding journey that seems to be just beginning. I have learnt how to bring specific issues to the fore and act as a catalyst to enable you realise your potential.

In my coaching practise, you are not my client, you are my partner and we will work together to take your situation wherever you want to bring it.

Working together I will be the catalyst for you to:

  • See yourself and others more clearly
  • Equip yourself with new communication tools
  • Establish your existing strengths and play to them
  • Build more productive relationships
  • Gain clarity as to how you can achieve what you want

Executive Coaching


Languages - English & German


Training & Facilitation


Story Telling



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